Will you invest in PostABR™?

AntiBiotic Resistence (ABR) is probably the world’s most serious health concern.

Microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses and parasites) change when they are exposed to those medicines developed to combat them – notably, antibiotics – to the extent that these treatments are no longer effective. We are entering a time when we need to take society into a PostABR™ world.

With the continuing problems of superbugs and antibiotic resistance, we need to look to novel sources to fight bacterial infections. Clearly, something other than antibiotics is urgently required. There’s also a desperate need for methods to fight infections caused by viruses. Here at Qures Group, we chose to look to nature, and we made a discovery:

Nature has the answer:
Chemistry is the key™

We’ve identified a unique technology used by our bodies to fight pathogens (infectious agents) that attempt to enter our bodies and systems. Now, we’ve developed ways to replicate and deliver this technology and we have other delivery systems in development – all to be protected with patents. The chances of resistance developing are thinner than slim.

Laboratory experiments show excellent performance against serious pathogens, including viruses. An initial clinical experiment in humans gave a success rate of 80% and an absence of side-effects. We’re the first to trial its use in humans, giving us real possibilities to be at the forefront of the forthcoming PostABR™ era.

Our technology is showing beneficial effects upon the microbiome. Add to this our ability to tackle viruses and yeasts, and Qures will lead the world into the future beyond antibiotics.

Qures now seeks funds to take us through final development and performance evaluations to seek approval for one or more final clinical trials. Come and join us, and help build the future beyond antibiotics. Come and be part of PostABR™ a whole new class of therapies for infection control.

The timelines for the approval and licensing of innovative answers to infection control have been dramatically reduced by regulatory authorities worldwide and, combined with market incentives, will mean a significantly quicker return on any investments made into Qures Group.

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