Our strengths

We are not offering another antibiotic. We do not fit into the definitions of classical antibiotics.

We introduce a new class of treatments. PostABR®

Nature’s answer

Before antibiotics, we survived as a species because we had strong and effective immune defence systems. At Qures, we have taken one of the most important of these immune defences and developed it as bio-identical. Our technology fights pathogens using the same method that was developed as we evolved to defend us against bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

Patents and IP

We operate under the umbrella of a patent covering the method to create our active ions. This lasts for another 9 years. Our research is leading to patentable new delivery systems and also combination treatments.


Pathogens cannot develop resistance against our technology. Had they been able to do so, the human species would not exist today.


As our technology mimics a part of the innate immune response, it has no effect on the beneficial species of microbes that form such a critical part of our microbiome.

Delivery systems

We currently use an oral method, delivering the active ions in water. This method is being improved to provide better user experience.

In the pipeline:

  • Direct delivery into the lungs, through inhalation.
  • Direct delivery to the gut microbiome, bypassing gastric pH limitations.
  • Topical application.